Home Missions



As least once each year a team from Cross Roads goes on a mission trip to Timor Leste. We believe short term mission trips are vital for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to, the following:

For us ‘first worlders’, it can be something of a ‘priorities wake-up call’ when we come face-to-face with poverty and serious third world conditions. For some strange reason, accessing Facebook several times a day becomes less important!!

Watching God move in power and seeing people hearing and responding to the Gospel for the first time brings an amazing and unavoidable range of emotion, from joy to heartache, hunger for more but a real sense of fulfillment. Almost invariably, there are tears. No-one comes home the same as they were before the trip.

For the locals, especially in remote places which can be so difficult to access, there is such deep appreciation that ‘someone cared enough to come and share the love of Jesus’. Local Pastors tearfully asking for return visits, saying how they no longer feel so isolated.

How can we not ‘do something’?



Timor 2014

Timor 2015


And ‘home missions’ are equally important.

We have an active commitment to supporting a small number of facilities caring for victims of domestic violence and also those in aged care.

A small team frequently spends an afternoon on the streets in Darwin, giving out New Testaments and praying with those who ask.

We are also committed to sending teams into Arnhem Land regularly.

Would you like to be part of ‘missions’?