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Cross Roads Christian Church

CRCC is a contemporary church in Bakewell, Palmerston, NT and is ‘home’ to a variety of cultures, ages, and backgrounds. The statement ‘Welcome Home’ is on the wall in the foyer, believing we should be able to come in from the cold ‘toll roads’ of the world and into the reassuring safety, warmth, love, and presence of Father God, and where this part of His family gathers.

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The logo and name, ‘Cross Roads’, reflects a responsibility and desire to ‘walk the Roads of the Cross’, while the mission statement reflects our primary commitment to this region, right where we’re planted.


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Our aims are:

  • to be a church helping both individuals and families mature and develop in identity, understanding their gifts, calling, role and function in the Body of Christ through a real and constantly growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • to develop active missions, reaching and influencing communities both locally and internationally, including teaching, training and equipping leaders, embracing both understanding and function of the roles of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.

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Our commitment is to be a House where…

  • we are constantly growing as an Apostolic/Prophetic House answering the call to break through into new levels of revelation, spiritual authority and experience, raising up, equipping and releasing a generation who brings influence and impact for the Kingdom of God.
  • powerful worship and prayer are priorities, key desires of the heart, where there is a real hunger to know the manifest presence of Father God.
  • the discarded and wounded find significance, where the hurting and broken-hearted are healed, restored, and established having been introduced to the grace, love and acceptance of Father God, where there is a culture of intentionally taking care of each other.
  • preaching and teaching bring truth, challenge, restoration and a constantly growing desire to embrace ‘even more’ the reality and maturity, the joy, passion, and authority which can only be found in our walk with God.
  • cultural relevance without compromise is encouraged.
  • the principle of honour and excellence is part of our culture, is actively recognised and encouraged, where responsibility, accountability and teachability are valued.
  • an understanding and experience of the amazing, supernatural power of God is valued, where the Holy Spirit is welcome and free to move as He chooses.





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Runs from 9.30am – approx. 11.00am, beginning with a time of worship.
Each Sunday there will be a message aimed at building into lives, to help deal with living in increasingly difficult times. We have something of a ‘coffee culture’ – pod coffee is available both before and after the service. From time to time on Sunday evenings, there are events – movies, DVD’s, special teaching (with practical application) on, for example, Spiritual Warfare, Principles of Prophecy, Leadership.

We would love to have you join in.

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